Lessons From The Field


[av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] cinelatinoLessons From The Field: Things I didn’t expect from participating at the CineLatino Film Festival:
  • Being in a festival is measurably more fun than just attending one.
  • Someone brought me some homemade jam as a gift. That totally made my day.
  • I was surprised at all the kudos and acknowledgement. It was very special to me and I'll not soon forget it.
  • It was unreal to see our work on the screen. I hope it always feels that way and I hope to have many more opportunities to see if it does.
  • I was really surprised that my two young girls were so excited to be a part of everything. They are my world and I guess sometimes I don’t realize that at 5 and 6 they can experience the feeling of being proud, but they can, and they did and now I’m crying.
  • I’m so grateful to my friends, all of our volunteers, friends who became volunteers and vice versa. This has been a labor of love from the start and it’s mind blowing how many care about it as much as we do.
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