Snowy Sunday's And Perfect Moments


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ranchOn a snowy Sunday, four days before Christmas, I left my tree and a bunch of unwrapped presents at home and headed into the mountains with my family for the first ever Project Enye (ñ) work retreat. Part of the team arrived that same night and the rest arrived the following day, all having to brave horizontal snow and white out conditions. 

A few times the snow stopped just long enough for us to admire the expansive mountain view from the kitchen window and it was breathtaking. At about 11:30am on Monday morning everyone was getting comfy in the living room which on one side had a clear view into the kitchen through the glass of a rustic stone fireplace that had warmed us while we we ate dinner the night before.

It was as perfect as I’d imagined. No, my kids were there, so it was even more perfect. What happened over the next two days was nothing shy of extraordinary and I’ve been up late every night since (almost) and early every morning working on our plans. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing what's in store this year the most exciting of which we'll be announcing next week, so stay tuned!!!

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