Project Enye (ñ) Podcast 004: Thoughts On The Art Of Being Nimble


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EP004_BeingNimble [/av_textblock] [av_codeblock wrapper_element='' wrapper_element_attributes=''] [powerpress] [/av_codeblock] [av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] Welcome to Episode # 004! NOTE: You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here on the website. We're On the Cover: During this episode we feature our excitement (and frankly a bit of disbelief) for our upcoming cover article in Denver's Westword newspaper, hitting the stands on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015! Being Nimble: Next, we share an invaluable experience where being nimble and being able to pivot strategic directions when necessary has proven to be essential. Vignettes: Our fourth episode features Bianca Dominguez, the first in her family to graduate from college! Last Friday we had an extraordinary interview with Irene Vilar- author, activist, and mother of two enye's (ñ)'s (or should we say 'enyitas'?) #EnyesCount: We are committed to counting 1% of all Enye's (ñ)'s or 160,000 Enyes! In doing so, on the website we have created an interactive map where an Enye (ñ) can answer where you, your mother and father were born respectfully. This info will be represented in the leader board showing where you and your parents are from. Are you an Enye (ñ)? Stand up and be counted right here. #EnyesCount! Project Enye (ñ) "Tour": Holler back all you San Diego and Miami Enyes (ñ)’s and Frienyes! Project Enye (ñ) will be in San Diego attending the Traffic and Conversion Summit from February 16-20th. Next, we will be in Miami attending Hispanicize 2015 – an event focused on Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in journalism, blogging, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship from March 16th-20th. If you live in those cities, we’d love to meet you. Shoot us an email here to let us know you'd like to meet! We're hiring: Interested in joining our team? Check out openings here. Project Enye Social Event in Denver: Want some free drinks and a face-to-face meet up with the project creators? Coming up on Tuesday, January 27th, Project Enye (ñ) and CineLatino are partnering up for the next Enye (ñ) Social at the Sie Film Center in Denver. We are offering two complimentary margaritas with delicious tequila donated lovingly by our friends at Suerte Tequila. Thanks for listening! Items Mentioned in This Session: Action Items:
  • If you are a Frienye or Enye, go to our Enyes Count map and make enyes count! #EnyesCount
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