Equal Parts Nerve Wracking And Enlightening


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Screenshot 2015-01-28 12.38.08Last December, Henry and I found ourselves sitting down with a reporter from the Westword in a traditional Q&A style interview. It seemed to be going really well when about halfway through, the interview took a major detour. After one straight hour of Enye (ñ) talk, Kyle, the reporter had something else in mind entirely.

After talking his idea through and agreeing to open our lives up to him personally and professionally for the next 4-6 weeks, we said yes to a feature story which at the time seemed like a terrific idea and in practice ended up being equal parts nerve wracking and enlightening. I realized on yet another level how much I want to "look good", not be too controversial and fly unnoticed under the radar. I'm not sure how those things can co-exist with my personal mission but I'm starting to think this could be the makings of a good blog post. 

Through hours and hours of conversation with Kyle (11 total one-on-one time!) I connected the dots on some events in my life and walked away with a better understanding of them and ultimately of myself. The "post interview" conversations between Henry and I have been incredibly fruitful to our partnership. It's been a gift to have had a chance to discuss and subsequently align on some things in a way that we wouldn’t have under another circumstance. 

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t concerned about how it will turn out and about how the things I said will be interpreted. In fact, I’ve spent a lot of time wondering about this and playing out scenarios in my head where I’m possibly regretting sharing my point of view in such a public way.

Indeed it is an act of courage to open our personal narratives up for the sake this project, and in doing so I realize that without that willingness, the stories may go untold. So, here’s to being vulnerable and authentic. I hope you pick up an issue on Thursday and that what you read makes you proud to support what we do.

NOTE: As you can see by the picture of the cover above, the article came out. Although there were a few details that I wish had more clarifying language, both Henry and I exhaled a sigh of relief after seeing it. I hop you will take the time to read it as it explains in detail, not only the genesis of the project but exactly what we are up to today. You can read it here.



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