Why Do I Resist Being Seen?


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IMG_0490Aside from some a few details the article published last week in the Denver Westword was dead on. You can read it here. After it hit the stands last Wednesday I got completely sick and hibernated at home all weekend.

Not sure what that is exactly, maybe I felt like I could finally exhale and breath a sigh a relief that Kyle got it right or maybe all the running around finally caught up with me. Regardless, the week was chock full emails, texts, instant messages all saying the same thing. “Way to go!” and “Nice work!” I have to admit, that it all felt amazing!

Don’t get my wrong, I loved all the sweet complements about how I looked on the cover too, but what really blew my mind was the feeling I have now that people know me and Henry and the work we’re doing together in a whole new way. In a real way and in a meaningful way. 

While dropping off my girls at school yesterday a mom in my daughter Phoebe’s class shared that she had read the entire article and she’s really excited about our work. One of the dad’s in Phoebe’s class texted me a note offering his help in any way he could. 

I share this with you because I realized this morning that it’s such a relief to be known and understood. I can hear it in people's voices and see it when they look at me, they “get me” they get the work. What a gift.

Looking back, it’s funny how much anxiety I had last week at the thought of being misunderstood, (there’s not much worse for me personally), but Kyle got it right. Project Enye (ñ) was shared on a massive scale and so many amazing doors have been opened already. Soon I'll be able to share some of the amazing stuff that is brewing. 

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