Project Enye (ñ) Podcast 008: Enyes Love LA


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Hello! This is Podcast Episode # 008! Where we share the behind the scenes look at young Enyes (ñ)s in LA NOTE: You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here on the website. This week we will be discussing Young Enyes (ñ)s in LA. Last week, while in LA,  Denise and Henry spent a day on set at East Los High and met withPastor Gabe over breakfast, former yYouth Pastor turned Pastor for Latinos and Enyes (ñ)s. Pastor Gabe The breakfast meeting with Pastor Gabe took place at a Pupuseria. A first-time culinary experience for Denise and Henry. Project Enye first got familiar with Pupusas during our work with Charles's Carpenter's vignette. During the meeting, Pastor Gabe discusses how a language barrier of Spanish versus English speaking Enyes and Latinos began to cause a separation among the different groups within the community. He decided to deliver his sermons in English and uses Spanish for the more ‘close-to-heart’ messaging so his Church could be more inclusive and so the youth could have a chance to really connect with the messaging. Pastor Gabe says that as a result of using language in this way, he is able to maintain a strong youth presence in his community. East Los High Denise and Henry spent a day on the set of East Los High. They met with show writers Rick Najera and writer Charo Toledo (PR). On set, Denise and Henry learned first hand of how the show’s writing incorporates the millennial/latino culture that is part of the present day fabric of the US. Even on set, all cast and crew was either an Enye (ñ) or Latino. Denise reflects that when she walked on set, she felt like these were ‘her people’.  Audio form the interview with Charo Toledo was played.  Shares what makes East Los High special including how all writers for the show are Enyes (ñ)s and all characters are fully fledged Latino with experiences that come from the writer’s experience. Thanks for making #enyescount ! Items Mentioned in This Session: Action Items:
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